Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cross A1 Android phone Cheap Below 1 Million EurHp Cross A1 Android Murah Dibawah 1 Jutaan

Hp Cross Android A1
Cross A1 Android phone Cheap Below 1 Million Euro - Cross Mobile Phone as a local vendor known ponsol always deliver cheap hp products with European standards. Cross Mobile Phone to date has had a series of Android, the latest that we have previously ulas are Mobile Android Andromeda Cross A7. In this article we will review another product from the Cross Android phone but not a new product, namely A1 Cros. What kind of hp Cross Android on this one? Here's our review.
Cross A1 Android phone has a different name that is Tabmate. The design is simple hp Cross alone. Measuring 3.2 inch display screen and still use a resistive touchscreen. Laya resistive technology is less sensitive to the touch of a finger when compared with capacitive touchscreen type display. The resulting resolution of the display measures just 240 x 400 pixels. The operating system is embedded in the phone is still using the Android v2.2 Foryo. However, there are some sources that say this phone can be upgraded to Gingerbread.
Like most local phone that carries a dual-SIM feature, Hp Cross A1 Android was also carrying a function-GSM dual-SIM GSM. But unfortunately this phone does not support 3G networks. Data connection is limited to GPRS / EDGE only. But if my friend is on Wi-Fi hotspot, my friend can use Wi-Fi connection to use this hp. For spec camera, this phone has a camera with 3 MP resolution and is equipped with a flash. As for the specifications of the embedded CPU in the phone we have not received certain information, but there are sources that say this phone has a 1 Ghz processor. We think it's too amazing for a local phone with cheap price.Specifications Hp Cross A1 Android
Camera + GSM + GSM
Android, Fast Browsing
Browsing, Chat & Push Email
Yahoo, Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, Navigation, Google Talk, Safari, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, WiFi
3 Mega Pixel Camera
3.2 "WQVGA LCD 240x400 Pixels
MP3 / MP4 / 3GP / FM Radio
Sound / Video Recording
WiFi / Modem
Webcam / Bluetooth A2DP, Alarm
1000 Phone Book Memory
Compatible Battery (BL-5F)
Free Touch Pen
Free Leather Case
Available Colour:
Black, Brown, White
Hp Cross A1 Android
Hp Cross A1 is in the range of Rp 800.000, - until the last month of May 2012.
If my friend looking Android phone for under 1 million, then hp is good enough to be considered. Similarly, our review of Hp Cross A1 Android.